The Situations in which You Should Hire a Personal & Auto Accident Attorney

Sometimes incidents can lead to serious injury. Although they might appear to be minor at the beginning, others may have lasting emotional effects. You should consider hiring an attorney to assist you in getting compensation for your damages. You can see Pascoe Law Firm for more information.

Dog Bites

The statistics show that roughly 4.5million people each year are bitten. Around 1 in 5 people who are injured by dogs will need medical help. Some of these victims could even need reconstructive surgeries. Children aged 5-9 are at the highest risk.

You should consider receiving a rabies vaccine after every dog bite. So it’s safe. You won’t likely need a great deal of medical care if your dog bit you was small, like a Chihuahua. When the dog that bit you is large like a Rottweiler, it’s important to hire an attorney. Most dog bites happen on the facial area, and may result in scars or surgery. It can have a long-term effect, like causing phobia of dogs. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to sue the owners of the dogs.

Vehicle Accident

In the event that you were not at fault in the crash, you could claim damages. If you call the police after the car accident, contact an auto accident attorney immediately so they can advise you.

When you’re the victim of an accident, you need to call the police and try to catch the culprit. Legal action is possible if you can identify the car from a video. All of your expenses such as medical bills, vehicle damage, etc. are included in the compensation at court. Your insurance company may also allow you to claim damages.

In the event that someone has been under alcohol or drug influence and caused a serious injury or death (brain damage, spinal cord damage) then you must take immediate legal actions. In addition to compensation for medical costs, pain and discomfort, and lost wages, you may also be eligible for additional damages.

It is common to have accidents involving more than one vehicle. It is important to get compensation for any injuries you may have sustained in an accident, no matter how minor they initially seem. The slightest neck injury may worsen over time and lead to a lot of medical expenses. Your car accident attorney can help you immediately if your injuries are severe or someone in your family has been killed.

They are horrible. In a truck crash, you’re lucky if no one is injured or worse. Oft, fatal crashes involving trucks involve many motorists. A lawyer is a good idea if the accident results in neck or back injury, paralysis, or brain injuries.


Negligence can also be a cause of other mishaps. Medical malpractice is a common cause for litigation. The wrong dosage, the medication or the patient’s allergy to certain medicines — whatever aggravating circumstance has occurred, an attorney for personal injuries will ensure that you receive justice.

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