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Herbal treatment to quickly recover from the effects of over-masturbation

When done in moderation, masturbation can be considered a healthy practice. There are men who do it often and suffer the negative effects.

The health report states that males who masturbate often become addicted. This addiction to masturbation and self-stimulation can lead to many side effects such as premature ejaculation (erectile dysfunction), nocturnal emissions, etc. It is important to recover from over-masturbation.

The herbal remedies can be very helpful in treating the negative effects of excessive self-stimulation. No Fall capsules is one of the most effective herbal remedies to fight these awful situations. Maha Rasayan and King Cobra oils are other examples what do shrooms look like.

Short notes on some effective herbal remedies

No Fall capsules: These herbal capsules can be used to recover from over masturbation symptoms such as nightfall, premature ejaculation and physical weakness. These health problems are all related to excessive hand use. These capsules contain a number of natural herbs.

No Fall capsules are made up of Kesar (Pipal), Swaran Bang (Tankari, Long), Shatavari (Banslochan), Ashwagandha (Jaiphal), Brahmadandi(Bahera), Dridranga(Shilajit Sudh), Lauh Bhasma(Babul Extract), Kaunch and Bahera.

No Fall capsules should be taken by men twice daily, one capsule after breakfast and the other after dinner.