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Metal Recycling and Recycled Metal

United States residents are most likely to waste metal recycling machinery. You can recycle aluminum and steel indefinitely. Scrap metal can be ferrous or nonferrous. Metals such as those used for dishwashers or washing machines are also found in stoves and refrigerators. Refrigerators and non-refrigerants make up the two major categories of unwanted appliances.

Four stages of Metal Recycling
Metal recycling involves four distinct stages: collection (where the metal is compressed), processing, shredding, then sale to micro mills, which make steel. This recycling requires 74% less electricity than virgin materials.

Here are some useful tips to help you dispose of unwanted appliances.

1. The delivery driver will take away the old unit if you ask him to. Some companies recycle their units or correctly dispose of them.

2. Then, take the recyclable pieces to your nearest recycling center.

3. It is possible to sell an appliance online. Donate it to charity. Give it to someone you know. Or list it in freecycle.com.

Benefits from Recycling Metal

In 1965, the aluminum can was introduced to be used as a beverage container. It is America’s best recyclable can because of its capacity to be reused. Recycling aluminum has many benefits for the community. It is also good for the environment and economy.

Energy and precious natural resource savings are among the many environmental advantages. Aluminum cans can be recycled in just two months and then put on shelves to sell. In 2007, more than 54 billion cans have been recycled. This has saved 15 million barrels worth of crude oil.

Recycling aluminum cans offers many advantages. The aluminum industry annually purchases empty cans valued at over $800 million to be recycled. This money is available to charitable and non profit organizations. Many groups recycling cans earn money for their organisations. Money from the aluminum sector is donated to local services when recycling cans curbside. It has even allowed organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and other charities to use can-drop off boxes to raise money for the housing of individuals and families.

Before recycling your aluminum cans with the rest of your recyclables, try reusing it as a foil for food. Wash it in your dishwasher and let it dry.

There are recycling machines in most local supermarkets. There are machines that accept cans and, depending on your state of residence, will give you a certificate for the entire amount.