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Cancer diet: 6 mushrooms that are good for cancer.

They are a wonderful and essential part of a healthy diet. The mushrooms enhance food flavors, as well as providing a range of benefits for health, from reducing the size of tumours (some claim to cure cancer entirely), to improving the immune system and adding vitamins and nutrition to diet. The low-calorie, simple to prepare ingredients can be added to almost any recipe. On http://dosetherapy.org/ you can learn more.

Cancer is the most common health problem that people worry about. One in two North Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. It is quite a large number. We can influence these statistics through what we eat.

Our bodies are constantly filled with cancerous cells. When our bodies are in good health, the immune system and the other systems work to eliminate the cancer cell. Only when immunity is weak, the body is busy combating another threat or the immune is overwhelmed by the work of eliminating toxins and fighting off viruses, does illness set in. Unchecked cancer will spread and grow, eventually taking over your body.

The cancer threat is not the sole concern. Some people get colds and flus that cause temporary illnesses, but others are not affected by the virus. Some people are affected by an immune system that is out of control. Some people have an overactive immune system. These are diseases where the immune systems has become unable to recognize a danger and attack normal cells or system. The mushrooms can maintain a healthy immune system, so that you don’t suffer from the same illnesses as others.

What is your daily mushroom diet? You get tired of eating them, don’t you? The versatility of mushrooms is amazing. You can use them in salads and soups, or you can cook with onions or brew a mushroom tea. The dehydrated mushroom can be rehydrated with water, broth or green tea. You could also use vegetable juices, fruit or vegetable juices and wine.

The following are some of the more well-known medicinal mushroom types and how they may help you achieve optimal health.

SHIITAKE – (shitake) The famous shiitake mushrooms contained a polysaccharide known as lentinan. Lentinan, a polysaccharide found in the shiitake mushroom, is used by Japan to treat cancer. Lentinan is also a powerful immune booster that helps the body fight cold and flu virus, recover from infection, or even boosts the immune system of HIV-positive patients. It has been proved that other compounds in the mushroom can lower cholesterol levels. L-ergothioneine is another powerful antioxidant found in this Asian mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms contain iron, selenium, protein and fiber.

ABM – (agaricus murill blazei) The ABM has a high mineral and fiber content, as well as vitamins and amino acid. The ABM helps diabetics to control their sugar levels, it lowers cholesterol. It reduces stress and prevents ulcers. This food also helps boost the immune system and fight cancer.

REISHI- helps asthmatics and those with pneumonia breathe easier by strengthening the lungs. Reishi contains anti-oxidants as well as fiber and selenium. It helps with allergies and fights against viruses. This is a potent anti-cancer substance. Ling Zhi-8 – a protein isolated by this fungus – also helps in reducing the risk of rejection after transplant.

MAITAKE: Also known as the “Hen of the Woods”, the Maitake is a powerful tumor-suppressant and cancer inhibitor. The herb also helps diabetics lower their blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. The antibacterial properties of this herb and its immune system-boosting qualities help to prevent viral infections.

CHAG – like most mushrooms, Chaga also modulates your immune system. This mushroom helps detoxify, activates the central nervous, improves skin’s youthfulness and elasticity.

OYSTER- Because the quality of protein in oyster is almost as good as animal proteins, it’s a perfect meat substitute for vegans. This fungus contains iron, fibers, B1 vitamins, and minerals. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant. The fruit has strong antitumor properties, as well as antiviral and antibiotic properties. It also reduces cholesterol.