Find out why it is beneficial to receive training on how to use heavy machinery.

Heavy equipment are vehicles with a high-performance designed specifically to carry out construction activities, e.g. earthwork. Also known as heavy machines, heavy hydraulics or heavy vehicles, these are heavy equipment. The term includes structure, traction and power, as well as information and controls. Read more now on

Functions of heavy equipment provide the same mechanical advantage of a simple machine. The output force of the machine is multiplied when the applied force is increased. As a matter of fact, certain equipment is powered by hydraulic drive. The employers must ensure the safety of the equipment by ensuring that their employees are trained and competent.

Heavy equipment

The Counterbalanced forklift. This truck can also be called lift truck. A powered truck that is employed in the industrial sector to move and lift material.

(Zoom Boom Forklift) is a device that can be used in both agriculture and industrial applications. Although it looks like a forklift with the same functions, this crane is really a crane that has a telescopic extension boom. Attachments such as pallet jacks, buckets, lift tables or muck grabs are available at the bottom of the boom.

Aerial Lift : It is an aerial lift consisting of either a bucket, or a platform attached to a hydraulic lift system.

Lift Scissors: These are mechanical devices that provide access to difficult to reach areas.

The Skid Steer is a machine powered by an engine that has lift arms. Attaching tools that save labor is done with this. It is a four-wheel vehicle with mechanically lockable wheels and tracks on either side.

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